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Entrega de documentos: ver Ata 3. Atos delegados artigo Transferências de dotações: ver Ata 6. Antes de iniciar el debate tiene la palabra el señor Glezos, que desea intervenir para una cuestión de orden. Benedetto Della Vedova, Presidente in carica del Consiglio. Nel massimo rispetto delle valutazioni del Parlamento e delle considerazioni che gli onorevoli deputati vorranno svolgere, vorrei chiarire che il vertice euro non è stato formalmente convocato e non è stato definito alcun ordine del giorno.

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Una discussione più circostanziata sulla questione potrebbe tenersi in ottobre, quando saranno presi in esame a livello più ampio i preparativi per il Consiglio europeo. Vorrei aggiungere che la preparazione dei vertici euro è principalmente di competenza del Presidente del vertice euro Van Rompuy, in cooperazione con il Presidente della Commissione e sulla base dei lavori dell'Eurogruppo, piuttosto che della Presidenza italiana in questo caso.

In termini generali, ritengo che la zona euro possa utilmente valutare le cause della perdita di slancio della crescita che si è di recente verificata in un contesto di bassa inflazione. È essenziale che questa valutazione avvenga al più alto livello.

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Dobbiamo essere assolutamente certi che la nostra strategia volta a radicare l'inizio di ripresa della zona euro rimanga perfettamente calibrata al fine di generare crescita e occupazione nell'intera zona.

Questa deve rimanere la nostra principale priorità ad ogni livello ed è quanto i cittadini europei si attendono e meritano. Mechel trading ag stimolare il nostro programma di riforme strutturali finalizzato a migliorare la nostra competitività nel mercato globale.

Dobbiamo riportare le nostre finanze pubbliche a livelli sostenibili in maniera propizia alla crescita e dobbiamo ripristinare la fiducia nel settore finanziario, in modo da consentirgli di sostenere l'economia reale e agevolare gli investimenti. Le misure in tutti questi campi sono a buon punto in tutti gli Stati membri della zona euro.

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La Presidenza italiana sta lavorando alacremente per assicurare progressi nell'attività legislativa a livello dell'Unione europea. Molte iniziative sono state intraprese dall'Eurogruppo e dal suo Presidente e anche la Banca centrale europea ha recentemente annunciato un pacchetto di misure in risposta al contesto macroeconomico più ampio. Quando sono in corso molteplici mechel trading ag, è importante fare periodicamente il punto dei progressi compiuti, è fondamentale se vogliamo essere certi che la tabella di marcia e le strategie stabilite restino orientate a risultati e rivolte al futuro, è indispensabile che esse continuino ad essere adeguate alle sfide cui siamo confrontati, in particolare per lottare contro la piaga rappresentata dalla disoccupazione.

Sono convinto che la strategia adottata per la crescita della zona euro sia quella giusta, ma ritengo anche che un margine di miglioramento sia sempre possibile. Nell'ambito di questo bilancio le opinioni degli onorevoli deputati sul modo migliore di conseguire i nostri obiettivi di aumento della crescita e dei livelli occupazionali sono e saranno molto importanti.

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Sono pronto ad ascoltare tutte le vostre opinioni e a fare tesoro dei suggerimenti e della competenza che questo Parlamento come sempre saprà esprimere. Jyrki Katainen, Vice-President of the Commission. The preparations for the summit are still at an early stage. As such, I very much look forward to hearing your views here today on how we can work together to deliver sustainable growth, create jobs and secure the welfare of our citizens. We mechel trading ag currently facing formidable challenges that only serve to underline that we have mechel trading ag do whatever it takes to deliver robust, sustainable growth and jobs in Europe.

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The Commission sees three main priorities for economic policy this autumn. At the mechel trading ag Ecofin Council last weekend in Milan, we had mechel trading ag very fruitful discussion with finance ministers on a number of key issues.

Going forward will, however, require a joint commitment from the Commission, the Member States, you in Parliament and other partners regarding our shared objectives. The first priority this autumn is supporting investment.

Europe has a lot to offer in terms of innovation, a skilled labour force and entrepreneurship. In order for all of this to translate into new start-ups around Europe, we need to promote investments from both public and private sources and at both national and European level. We are working on a comprehensive plan that addresses both sides of the coin. This must be a joint effort. At national level, countries with large current account surpluses should commit to investing more.

In addition, all countries should prioritise investment in research and development and key infrastructures within their public spending mix.

At European level, European resources, such as the Mechel trading ag budget and the EIB, should be used in particular to leverage private investment.

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We need a stable and robust banking sector and well-functioning capital markets to provide accessible credit to the real economy. The second priority is stepping up reforms that unlock growth potential. Without effectively-implemented reforms, we will not have sustainable mechel trading ag and job creation. It is not about choosing between supply and demand-side measures: both are needed and are complementary. Reforms are also needed to secure the sustainability of our welfare societies and ability to protect the vulnerable.

No country is immune from the need to reform, although some have more pressing needs. We should use the existing economic governance framework more effectively to support the adoption of the implementation of structural reforms.

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Our fiscal rules do not prevent countries from reforming — far from it. There are many examples of countries that have adopted important reforms in parallel with major fiscal adjustment. Nonetheless, there is scope to use our existing economic governance framework more effectively to support countries in their reform efforts. Thirdly, we need to continue ensuring sustainable fiscal policies for the sake of confidence and future generations.

Interest mechel trading ag will surely not stay at record lows forever.

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Once they rise, public debt will become more costly, again crowding out more valuable public spending and undermining the market confidence we have all worked so hard to regain. The more vulnerable countries would unfortunately be the hardest hit by any new financial market instability.

Wise choices are therefore required.

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The pace of fiscal consolidation has slowed significantly since the peak of the sovereign debt mechel trading ag. Now it is essential to improve the quality of public spending. When money is tight, there mechel trading ag little choice but to make savings, but there is always a choice as to how to make those savings.

Reducing expenditure rather than raising taxes and cutting inefficient current expenditure rather than future-oriented investments can ensure that consolidation is growth-friendly, fair and supportive of growth creation.

A more efficient and citizen-oriented public administration can especially benefit those in need of social support but also promote job creation by enabling a better investment climate.

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As stated by the Euro Group last weekend, more efforts are needed to reduce the tax burden on labour. At the same time, we need to ask ourselves what is holding mechel trading ag private investment in Europe. We need to ensure that the business climate, our internal market and the regulatory environment are favourable to companies investing in the future: innovating, developing new markets and creating jobs.

This ties in with my report on reforms. There is plenty of growth potential in Europe that is today held back by rigidities and vested interests. In some Member States, starting a business means weeks of cumbersome bureaucratic hurdles. Overly-complex tax systems in some Member States have contributed to a sizeable grey economy. Reforms are needed to deal with these obstacles. This inevitably means changes that require not only thinking outside the box but also stepping out of our comfort zone.

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Europe continues to face great challenges. While there is no silver bullet, I am comment faire des fluctuations de bitcoin that we can find new sources for growth and to enable us to work together in a spirit of mutual trust.

Major joint efforts are needed to deliver sustainable economic growth. At the end of the day, we all share the same objective. Let us not lose sight of that objective. Beim vergangenen Gipfel hat sich die Euro-Gruppe klar und deutlich zum Stabilitäts- und Wachstumspakt bekannt.

Von manchen Mitgliedstaaten wird nun Flexibilität gefordert.

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Ich denke, dass diese auch möglich ist, sie ist allerdings auf die bestehenden Regeln beschränkt. Wo Flexibilität in die Verträge eingebaut ist, ist sie auch immer an Bedingungen geknüpft, und zwar an Strukturreformen, die mechel trading ag vorangetrieben werden müssen, und mechel trading ag alleine an Reformversprechen, deren Umsetzung auf sich warten lässt. Die länderspezifischen Empfehlungen der Kommission und des Ministerrates bauen auf einer umfassenden Analyse auf, was dringend zu tun ist, und diese Empfehlungen müssen umgesetzt werden.

Denn Reformen sind die Grundlage dafür, dass Investitionen auf fruchtbaren Boden fallen und am Ende nachhaltiges Wachstum entsteht. Die konsequente Anwendung des Six-pack und des Two-pack ist fester Bestandteil einer Politik, die für Verantwortlichkeit gegenüber unseren Bürgerinnen und Bürgern und vor allen Dingen auch gegenüber künftigen Generationen mechel trading ag.

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Dass Wachstum auf Pump auf Dauer nicht erfolgreich sein kann, hat uns die Wirtschaftsgeschichte mehrfach bewiesen. Die Fehler der Vergangenheit dürfen deswegen nicht wiederholt werden. Denn Wachstum geht auch anders. Als Europäische Volkspartei wollen wir keinen Griff in die Schuldenkasse. Als Europäisches Parlament werden wir sicherlich als Mechel trading ag diese europäischen Initiativen in der Zukunft kraftvoll gestalten. Mechel trading ag Europa hat eine Aufgabe zu erfüllen für den Erhalt von Stabilität und vor allem für mehr Wachstum und Nachhaltigkeit.

Das klingt alles wunderbar, was Sie sagen. Ich frage mich ein bisschen, auf welchem Planeten Sie leben. Die Schuldenkrise ist entgegen dem, was der Kommissar gerade gesagt hat, natürlich überhaupt nicht vorbei.

Wie lange sollen wir dieses Spiel noch mitspielen? Das ist erst mal ein grundsätzliches Problem.

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