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INSEE will correct this situation in the coming months. Please excuse us for this inconvenience.

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You must have created an account using the button Sign Up Log in with the button Sign In On the page of the API that interests you, click on the Obtenir un jeton button Then you need to generate an access token, for that On the window confirming your subscription, click on View subscriptions Then click on the Generate Keys button With the keys, a first access token has been generated, and you can then use this access token to test the chosen API by returning to the API page and positioning yourself on the tab.

API Console.

Fill in the query parameters of the API and click on the button What is the concept of application? What obtenir un jeton the purpose of My Apps? What is an access token? How to generate your first access token? Manually from the application page on this site By calling the access token generation API see the application page for more details The token command allows to : generate a token if you do not have one.

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The following cURL command demonstrates how to generate an access token by using the client authentication type. The revoke command allows you to revoke the current token.

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INSEE recommends its users to renew the chips once a day. What are the keys generated for? The keys are an identifier and password of an application, they are generated with the first token of the application, these keys are used when renewing the access token by API.

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